A trip back in time from the comfort of your browser

The Big Internet Museum is the world’s first museum with a diverse collection completely dedicated to the Internet. The museum opened its digital doors last December and can be visited for free.

The Big Internet Museum documents and displays the Web’s most interesting artefacts, for now and for future generations. It houses seven specialised wings. In each wing, a different subject is categorized. For example, in the history wing visitors discover the first online attempts of ARPAnet, the precursor of today’s Internet. In the ‘Meme’ wing you’ll find more about ‘Chuck Norris’ and ‘Nyan Cat’.

Besides traditional wings, The Big Internet Museum has more parallels with a conventional museum. Third parties can display pieces in a specially assigned temporary exhibition wing. The coming months, digital production agency MediaMonks will fill the temporary exhibition room with an exhibit about the history of Flash. Visitors can also submit a piece to the museum, so the collection continuously grows. The public votes whether a proposed piece can join the museum’s permanent collection, making all visitors potential curators.


Dani Polak, Joep Drummen and Joeri Bakker are the founders and creators of The Big Internet Museum, all three work at TBWA\NEBOKO, the most renowned advertising agency in The Netherlands. The museum became reality thanks to MediaMonks, the biggest and most award-winning digital production agency of The Netherlands.

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